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Balloon Crabs

First off, blow up enough ballons for all your youth and put a strip of tape (packing tape works well) around each youth’s waist sticky-side out. Divide the Youth into two teams and place enough balloons for each member on each team, opposite them. Then all at once (or relay style, if you like) the Youth crab-walk BACKWARDS towards their balloons, stick a balloon onto the tape on the BACKside of them, (without using their hands) and run (or crab-walk) back to the starting point to pop their balloons. (again without hands) The first team to have popped ALL their balloons wins! 😀

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Balloon Sticky Man

You will need a whole bunch of pre blown-up water balloons (air, not water), some tape, and some no-hands noisemakers. (Kazoos?) Divide everybody into two teams, and one person from each team is selected as ‘sticky-man’. Each ‘sticky-man’ has tape (packing tape?) wrapped around them sticky side out. Each team must then choose a special sound that the sticky-man will make with their noisemaker. The Group then lines up with their share of balloons, and relay-style, blindfolds themselves, grabs a balloon, and heads toward their sound and when they find it, sticks it on their sticky-man. The sticky-men can move around, making it more difficult if they want. The first team to stick all their balloons on their sticky-man wins.

PS. You might want to consider having the ‘sticky-man’ be a boy if you have a co-ed group…you’re sticking balloons on people, blindfolded. Ahem.

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