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Count Your Blessings

A fun activity to remind us that we all have something for which we can be thankful to God!

1. A blank sheet of paper and something to write with for each person.
2. A timer

1. On your signal to begin, everyone should write down everything they are thankful for that can be described in two words or less.
2. Set a timer, for two minutes (or less) and tell them to begin.
3. When the timer goes off each youth must count how many items they have.
4. The person with the most items should read their list and if anyone else has those items on their list also, then everyone who has the items must cross them off the list. Only unique items remain.
5. The next person continues in the same way, calling out the items that remain on his/ her list. If the item is unique it remains. If someone else has the same item than all who have it cross the item off their lists.
6. Continue until everyone has gone, then each person must count up the unique items he or she has on the list.
7. Award a prize for the person with the highest number of unique answers.

1. What was the most surprising thing that someone was thankful for?
2. How did creating your list affect you?
3. Did you have more or less items than you thought you would have?
4. How did it make you feel when you discovered that others felt blessed for the same things as you?
5. Of all the things on your list, which is most significant for you?

Colossians 3:17

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Top Turkey Artist

Sheet of paper and a tray or hard cover book for each participant.

Everyone places a tray or large book on top their head with a piece of blank paper on it. Participants are to draw on the page resting on the top of their head, without looking, according to the instructions that will be given.

1. Draw a circle for the body of the Turkey.
2. Draw the turkey’s head and neck on top of the body.
3. Draw two feet for the turkey.
4. Add the turkey’s beak and waddle.
5. Add the turkey’s tail feathers

At the end of instructions, everyone removes the pictures from their heads. It can be very funny to see what they have drawn.

2 points for every line that crosses
1 point if your turkey’s feet are touching the body
1 point if your turkey’s head is attached to the body.
1 point for feather that is ON the turkey.

Award the person with the greatest number of points the prize!

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