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Scavenger Lunch

Prior to our meeting I worked with a local pizzaria to donate uncooked pizza dough, already tossed to size and on heat proof trays. (I also purchased a few additional pizzas for later!) Once all the teens were gathered we divided them up in smaller groups assigning an adult to each as well as one of the pizza doughs. We also provided a list of various pizza toppings as well as assigned points to each topping. (i.e. Sauce 5pts, cheese 5 pts, anchoive 50pts) The groups then went around door to door in different neighborhoods seeking out the needed toppings. Afterward returning to the church to bake them up and add up their points. (We gave extra points to the groups that ate their own pizzas!) Everyone enjoyed a pizza party and the winners each recieved a small gift!

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Silly Movie/Mega-Banana Split

This was a favorite among our youth this summer. We rented a silly (age appropriate) movie and the youth were given a list of silly things they had to do during certain portions of the movie. (i.e. They watched Stuart Little, everytime they saw a mouse – other than Stuart – in the movie they had to stand up and hollar in a high sqeeky female voice, “Eeeek! A mouse! Henry get my broom!”) After the movie they met outside where we had lined 3 tables up end to end and covered with a plastic table cloth. We then had all the adults help us build a Mega-Banana Split while the youth watched. Once the split was done and everyone had a spoon we said grace and dug in! We’ve had many requests to do this activity again!

NOTE: To build the banana split we split the bananas and set them down the center of the table (lengthwise) then scooped LOTS of ice cream, laced with gobs of carmel, strawberry and chocolate sauce, then smoothered in whipped cream. Sprinkles, cherries and a few chopped nuts completed the 24 Foot Mega-Banana Split!

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Survivor Summer

Our youth group was really dying last spring! The youth were uncommitted and not very excited about the activites. When we asked them what they would like to do, they would only state the same activites they were seemingly bored with. They didn’t want to think outside of the box. So in an effort to salvage the group, we planned ahead our entire summer worth of activities for the youth. Trips to the mall in the middle of the week, baseball games, concerts, scavenger hunts, fundraisers, mission trips, etc. Everything had a point value, including bringing a first time friend, volunteer work, Sunday School and Church Services. At the end of the summer we tallied up the points. Youth that got up to a certain preset amount of points were entitled to a free weekend trip to an amusement park. We had a prize for he person with the most points, too. And all the youth were invited to go on our weekend trip, they just paid the percentage of points they were short!

The youth were really excited about the points system and now for the fall have submitted several creative fun ideas of their own to try! God is so Good!

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To welcome the younger youth to our group, we stage a youth-napping. We try it in slightly varied ways so that the older youth are still suprised!

We contact the parents ahead of time with the date and approx. time. Then we go around to everyone’s homes and kidnap them. If they are barefoot, too bad. If they are wearing a bathing suit, too bad. Teeth need brushing, too bad.If they are in the P.J.’s, too bad. Hair not combed, too bad.

They are they are scooped up and placed in someone’s car. They all really enjoy seeing the others get ‘napped, too. After everyone has been “picked up” we take them to a particular location for a meal. Perhaps a pizza parlor, someone’s home for a bar-b-que, or the church for breakfast. After the chatting, giggling and food we play a couple “get to know you” games and officially welcome the new youth to our group!(Then we return them to their parents!)

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Help! I Need Bail!

Allow your youth or members of the church to issue a warrant for other members arrest. They also set a “bail” amount upon filling out a warrant. Then on a particular day, go to their house and have them “arrested” by officers of the church. Those that are arrested are brought back to the church where they must call everyone they know to try and raise their preset “bail”. The “bail” that is collected is actually the funds you raise for the youth group!

Get the kids involved by having them make a mock jail cell and take photos of the Pastor, Deacons, and Church Organist behind bars!

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