Traveling Trunk

God has called all believers to celebrate diversity. This is not only a part of our lives – to be lights in the world – but is is a part of our mission and commission – to go into all the world to teach all to observe those things that Jesus has taught.

Learners at this age enjoy creativity, music, art, and imagination. The youth leader will be the tour guide. They should decorate an old suitcase (well traveled) with bumper stickers, pictures and sayings of various cultures, places and people. SUGGESTION: The young people can make their own bumper sticker, stickers or paint designs on the suitcase to give the trunk a special meaning to the group.

Gather artifacts that represent different places that the Jesus and His disciples may have traveled. Place them in the trunk for valuable Bible lessons, activities and discussions. For example, Jewish music, parchment paper, matzah bread, reprinted scriptures from Psalms, candleabras and grapes can be used to teach about the celebration of the Passover Feast. Afterwards, the children can enjoy what the food of the Jewish culture was like and learn a Jewish dance. OR perhaps, the youth group is learning how to witness to others from a different culture. THIS IS A BIGGIE! The youth leader will have to do some research to get some background and ideas for this one.

I have found that the traveling trunk can be used to study several units of scripture and the children enjoy when they can take another trip with the traveling trunk.