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Skittle Spittle

Put down vinyl tablecloths on floor. Divide youth into two teams (or however many you want) put down an empty CoolWhip sized container for every team. Have the team stand 5-10 feet back from it and give them 5 Skittles each. Each person must spit the Skittle into the container. They spit all five and move to back of the line and the next one tries to get their five in. It’s harder than ya would think!

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Taste of Italy

We just asked each of the kids to “Make Their Own Italian Dish.” They may have a parent help but we really encouraged them to do it themselves. Then everyone brings their dish to youth. I supplied all the other things. I figured that we’d get a bunch of different spaghetti dishes, but these kids got creative! They really seemed to enjoy it so we even did a taste of Mexico Night! Another big hit!

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