Is it About Me or God

Read 1 Peter 4:11

Okay Done, Think about it for a minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?

Here look at one more…

Read Matthew 5:14-16

Okay Done, Think about it for a Minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?

A question to ponder. What did you do to further the Kingdom of God or should I ask what did you sacrifice for the Kingdom today or week? Not every member of the church has grasped that he or she is a “separate and necessary part” of the church. Many of you feel perfectly comfortable playing no noticeable role in the life of the church, except perhaps, the role of a vegetable, a “spec-tator”!

Youth sold out for Christ are known for doing crazy things – Like good deeds for no reason, you’re kidding right? Or how’s about, Putting other people before themselves, no way. Maybe even being a necessary part of the tribe willing to sacrifice to benefit the church, outrageous. Even talking about a man who lived 2000 plus years ago who came to save the world. Such a life style raises quite a few questions, and usually eyebrows too. What’s the motivation? people wonder. There gotta be a catch, they’ll say. Nobody does things “just because”. But this is exactly what sets Christians apart from all the other religions in the world today.

Does this sound like you? Are you willing to participate to make a difference in Yuma, the foothills, your school, the tribe and even the church? Are you ready to radically serve those around you? Are you ready to be a hundred million watt, no, no. A hundred, million, billion watt light for Christ or are you happy just sitting around unnoticed being that two watt’er in the corner. Hoping no one notices you, you don’t have to stand up or out, hard to tell you from the world. That is the sickness!

The Sickness: The world has a shortage of people who wants to make a difference – especially the “God” kind of difference. Even those “Sold out for Christ” get lazy and lose their focus on things that really matter.

The Cure: What’s the cure for this type of apathy? You’re right, losing yourself on a daily basis in the word of God and training yourself to look to were God is working and the opportunities to serve Him and those around you.

Watch Out!! Use extreme Caution: Most likely you will find, if your heart is in the right place, serving GOD is very addictive. Oh what a rush…..

What can you do? Get with Nathan, he know several ways to support the Community, and the Church.

Remember God takes great delight in a joyful giver. But the world sees it as a “what do I get out of it?” attitude. However if you a truly sold out for Christ, you should be asking “What’s in it for God?”

Which question are you asking?

What’s in it for me?
What’s in it for God?

Read Matthew 6:24-25 & 28-33

Okay Done, Think about it for a minute, Read it again. What did God say to you in that verse?