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Mystery Dinner

Teach a series of lessons and then when you’re done with the series have a dinner. Plan the menu like you would normally would but give different names from the Bible study to the foods. For example, at ours four my first course I had sand, a battle axe, a skewer, and a papyrus sheet. Mmm that sounds appetizing doesn’t it. Well, the corn was sand, a knife was the battle axe, a toothpick was the skewer and the papyrus sheet was a napkin. They have to finish their plate with what they have before they get more. And the drink also comes in a course. Have 16 different items and make 4 courses with 4 different items. At the time of dinner have the servers serve the courses out of order. In the end, everyone gets the same meal, but in a different order. Have a quiz to test the kids on what they retained from the lesson and then have a prize for the top three. For example, a free lunch at McDonalds or a $25 gift card to Wal-mart or other stores.

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