Spanking Yoda

This one is a riot! Get the group in a circle, each with a blank piece of copy paper. To start, everyone writes a sentence.. any sentence (movie quote, random thought, funny quote). Examples: “The cow jumped over the moon” or “Sally likes Sam” or “Can Ducks fly”.

The point is to write a random sentence. then everyone passes their paper to the write. Each person must now DRAW the sentence they read… no matter how hard it is.

Give 30 seconds per turn. Before they pass the paper, everyone folds the paper so the first sentence is hidden and only the drawing shows. Pass to the right again, and everyone must WRITE a sentence conveying what the drawing means. Repeat this, alternating between drawing and writing each time, until everyone has receieved each paper once and you end up with the paper you started with. So, if there are 10 people playing, you pass the paper 10 times until you have what you started with.

Then each person unfolds their paper and reads each sentence, looking at the drawing that follows. The beginning sentence and end drawing/sentence is always WAY DIFFERENT and usually absolutely hilarious to connect the dots. Try it once and your group will be hooked!