Egg-ceptional Trust – Revision

Follow the basic idea of Egg-ceptional trust, but, boil seven eggs instead and mark the raw one with a blue dot. Explain to the students (include girls as well) that there are eight eggs in the bowl and one is raw. Remove the blue dotted one as if you are unsure which one is raw and pass the remaining eggs around to the students. They will be expecting a raw egg at any moment, but there will be no sticky messes or discomfort. Once the students have all gone you can crack the raw egg into the bowl explaining that it could have been anyone of their eggs. The lesson will still apply.

[Ed. Note: This revision was submitted for a couple of good reasons. Things one should consider concerning the original game. 1.) Salmonella – unlikely odds of contracting it in a game like this, but something to keep in mind at all times when using raw eggs. 2.) Consider the one that the “prank” is being played on. If you go with a raw egg, do it to someone that you know can take it well, certainly not to a newcomer or someone you could potentially lose from your group. Be sure to have a towel to help the clean up.]