Zoom Circle

Players all sit in a circle. One person starts the zoom circle by turning their head either left or right (facing the person next to them) and says, “Zoom”. The next person must (quickly!) do the same with the person next to them. Concentrate on smooth flow for a continued length of time. The next step: “Screech zoom”. As the Zoom hits you, make a braking motion with your foot, and say “Screech zoom”. The Zoom must now reverse direction. The next step: “Profigliaro”. As the Zoom hits you, you can point across the circle to a specific person and say “Profigliaro”. (To avoid confusion, you may wish to say “Profligliaro — John” or something). The selected person may now restart the Zoom in the direction of their choice. Next step: “Schwartz!” The recipient of a Profigliaro can reject it by holding their nose, turning their head and saying “Schwartz!” The Zoom then falls back to the pointer’s responsibility.