White Elephant Sale

We ask the people of the church to look through their homes and find something they no longer needed or wanted. Wrap it attractively making sure they tell no one what is in the package. Their package was brought to the church on a Sunday night. After the service we had an auction and the package was given to the highest bidder.

To add to the excitement 3-4 weeks before the sale we would have printed in the bulletin that the white elephants were coming. we would post signs in the church hallways like: “The white elephants are coming! Are you looking for the white elephants?, Have you seen the white elephants?” We would also tape elephant tracks on the walls and have them just go to a corner then not have any around the corner or go to the door of a classroom but not into the classroom. People, young and old were asking about the white elephants. Then the Sunday before the sale we announced what the white elephants were all about. We did this in conjuction with the Men’s Bake-Off. Our kitchen committee judged the desserts while the white elephants were being auctioned off. After the auction the ribbons and certificates were given out to the winners of the men’s bake-off and then we ate the desserts. A great time was had by all!!