Water Works

Get a collection of various lengths of PVC piping and connectors, a bucket of water, a cup to scoop and pour the water, and a 2 liter soda bottle. One team member will lay on the ground with the soda bottle on his forehead. The rest of the team will then build a piping system out of the PVC parts.
The team must use every piece of tubing and each connector. The constructed pipe must have only two openings, one where the water enters and one where it leaves. Once the pipe is fully constructed, team members must pour water through the pipe in an effort to get as much water as possible into the soda bottle. T’s and X’s are a lot of fun in addition to standard “elbow connectors”.
It will usually take several minutes for the team to construct their “water works”. The camp I counseled gave each team a total of 10 minutes to complete the WW challenge.