Walking in the Spirit

Form lines with the same number of people. Have the 1st person from each team run to the other side of the room and take their shoes off and run back to the end of the line.
The next person in line runs to the first person’s pair of shoes, takes theirs off and wears the other persons back to the end of the line. This continues until the first person is at the front of the line again still without shoes. They have to run to the last person’s shoes and wear them back.
The team then has to get back into their original pair of shoes. The first team to finish wins. The lesson here is 2 fold. Everyone has a different walk in life and sometimes we need to understand other’s situations in order to witness to them or show kindness and goodness to others. Another biblical truth aside from hopefully having fun and fellowship with others is that our walk will not always be comfortable. Sometimes Jesus wants us to wear a different pair of shoes and walk differently than we may be accustomed to doing and take risks for God.