Walk In The Darkness

Before your group leaves on their journey have each member of the youth group take a taper candle. They must have their candle with them at all times.

The youth will then be taken to a large wooded area at night. The adults will split the youth into groups of two. (It is best if you do not allow close friends to be partners.) You should tell the youth that, “Someone is in the darkness waiting for you, you will know when you get there.”

There is absolutely no running, talking, or lights of any kind permitted. They may not meet up with another group. If they do bump into another group, one group must wait until they can no longer hear the other group walking before proceeding.

The groups of two are allowed to enter the woods in intervals of two minutes. Adults will also enter the woods and try to get the teams to follow them. The adults are there to tempt the groups to find the easy path. The adults will have flashlights, and they will lead the groups back to the beginning of their journey.

One man in a white robe with a bible and one candle will be waiting, secluded in the woods to meet the groups as they find him.

He must be well secluded and the more obstacles you can put in their way the better. They must go off the path to find their reward. Fallen trees, shallow ravines, tall grass, all things are frightening in the dark.

As the groups find “Jesus” he will light their candles upon arrival and they will wait in silence for the others.

As the group grows larger so will its light and others will soon see where they must go.

After all the groups have arrived Bible passages will be read attesting to the darkness we must endure, and the paths we must find on our own. Everyone will leave in silence. Once you return to your camp fire, or church everyone can reflect on what their journey in the darkness meant to them.