Video Scavenger Additions

Do not film unnecessary footage! We want to watch all of the videos when we return and that will not be possible if they are too long!
(We sent each team out with enough money to cover the cost of the various items on their list. We found that the ideal number of kids for each team was six. We used ideas from and made up some additions. We invited the parents to come at the time the kids were due back. They enjoyed watching the videos with us. It was funnier than watching the Three Stooges!)

25 points – Have one team member explain and demonstrate a “skin the cat” on the monkey bars.

25 points – Video a team member scoring a goal (basketball, soccer, field goal.) Must use a real ball.

20 points each – Video team members playing jump rope while reciting a jumping rhyme. To receive the additional points, each time, it must be a different team member and a different rhyme.

50 points – Video your entire team inside your car while going through a carwash.

25 points – At someone’s house, a team member must demonstrate and teach us how to wash a load of laundry. We’d like “dos and don’ts” please.

25 points – Standing in front of a restaurant, a team member explains why this restaurant’s food and service is better than the restaurant down the road. At least 25 seconds. Give “convincing” examples.

50-150 points – Create a “music video”. Points will be awarded by the “judges” according to the quality of the music video.

25 points – Stage a minor accident. DON’T DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS!

25 points – Video entire team cleaning someone’s bathroom and explaining proper cleaning methods.

25 points – Video each team member explaining what “the bomb” means. A variety of meanings is best-try not to agree on the definition.

50 points – We also used money we raised with a fundraiser to go to the dollar store and fill a stocking with gifts for someone of their gender and age (one for each team) for a local ministry.