Valentine’s Day Dine Out

Have youth plan a Valentine’s Day Dine Out for their parents. Incorporate some of these ideas into the event: 1.) Decorate with red and white streamers and balloons. For placemat, cut 3 inch red construction paper hearts and glue them to the corners of white construction paper. 2.) Have kids cook and serve the meal. Pick an easy menu, such as spaghetti. It’s not only easy to prepare, it’s RED! 3.) Have group members prepare skits, songs, poems, or raps that affirm parents. 4.) Have kids each offer a goofy door prize for their parents, such as a hammer to dad who fixes things well, or Tinkertoys to a mom who likes to play. 5.) Ask group members to each write a “Top 10” things they appreciate about their parents. Have them give their parents the list.