Turkey Bowl

This is a great idea that our student leadership team came up with for the Friday after Thanksgiving, when most of our students are off school and are bored stiff.

Meet at the church around noon for a second Thanksgiving feast. Have the students bring leftovers to share from their Thanksgiving dinners the evening before. It becomes sort of a youth group potluck.

Then split up into two groups. Have one group go to a local field to play flag football (US football). Send the other group to a local shopping mall or outlet center for “Black Friday” shopping. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year.

So many times we program toward the guys. This activity is fun for everyone.

In November, invite parents to play flag football against the youth group. After the game is over, parents provide chili, crackers, cheese and drinks for a time to warm up and fellowship. This is a great outreach to invite all your unsaved parents and teens to.

We have done this for the last six years straight and it is always a great time. Dress warm!