Trash Can Game

All you need is one empty trash can. Tell all the youth to hold hands in a circle surrounding the trash can. The object of the game is not touch the trash can or your hands go. So the circle goes crazily around the trash can. Sometimes it can get rough, so tell them not to wer shoes and make sure they are being careful. If someone touches the trash can they are out and they leave the circle. The game coninutes until there is one person left, they are the winner! Also, if anyone lets go of their hands then the two people that let go are both out!

Have the youth form a circle holding hands (may form multiple circles with large groups). In the center of the circle put a large object (we use the church’s trash can). The rules are that if any part of you touches the trash can, you are out. The youth try to make other youth touch the trash can. The game gets harder and harder as the circle gets smaller– the youth LOVE it!