Traditional Cake Walk

I have recently become my churches youth leader. I found that the Cake Walk I did for the recent fall festival was a grand success. You will need church members/ family member or anyone who is willing to make a cake. I had 10 cakes donated but the more the merrier! In the fellowship hall or an open room (cafeteria etc.) put numbers in a circle on the floor. These numbers have to be the amount of cakes you START with. Have the members of your youth volunteer to play. Each one stands on a number. Music is played and the participants walk around the circle. When the music stops a number is drawn and then placed back to be drawn again. Whoever is standing on the number called wins a cake. The participant may choose a cake, or to make it more interesting you can also number the cakes so participants do not know which one they are getting). This activity is great for any holiday – just decorate the cake to match the holiday!!