Toe Jam

Here’s the items we will use:

3 or 4 VERY LARGE containers of any type of jelly/jam.
Large can of olives (need about 80-100 olives)
Three or more throw-away, square metal pans (13×10 in should work)
Three plastic bowls (to place the olives in when they come out of the jam)
Large tarp

6 rolls of paper towels
3 containers of antibiotic cleanser (getting worried yet?)

Here’s how to play the game:
(all of the materials should be placed on the tarp to protect carpets)

Place two chairs facing each other with enough room in between them for a 10×13 metal pan. Place a large amount of jam/jelly into the pan, then add and mix in about 20 olives (equal amount in each pan).

The object of the game: to remove as many olives as you can in about 1 minute (you can have 3 teams competing at the same time, winners can move up the winners bracket for some playoff action). And, BTW, you can only use your bare feet to take the olives out of the pan full of jelly (and place the olives into the bowls next to the pan, hence the name “Toe Jam”).