Three Circle Dodge Ball

This is a dodgeball game that works best in a gym, using the three circles of the basketball court (center and the two free-throw areas), or a room with clearly defined “zones” on the floor. We like to use several balls. Regular dodgeball rules apply: if you are hit on the shoulders or lower, you are out; if you catch a throw, the thrower is out; if you get hit in the head, the thrower is out. There are no teams; it’s everyone for themselves.

Here’s how the circles are used: In order to throw a ball, a thrower must be standing in one of the three circles. Throwers cannot eliminate anyone who is standing in the same circle they are in, but they can eliminate anyone else, including players who are standing in other circles. Eliminated players gather along the wall at one end of the court. The last person left is the winner. We made this up a couple of years ago, and our kids at all ages love it. It’s one of the few games we repeat often.