Super Super Bowl Party

This has been a top fundraiser and it also is an outreach event because it provides a friendly environment for visitors and friends. Most of the supplies are donated and the funds come from a chili cookoff and a dessert auction.

Ahead of time you will need to publicize two weeks in advance in the community and make sure that the information is in your church newsletter, bulletin, and is announced two weeks in advance. You will also need to have people sign-up to bring pots of chili and have the youth sign-up to bring the desserts. You will need to get small styrofoam bowls or cups, spoons, grated cheddar cheese, hot dogs, buns, condiments, crackers, and drinks (tea, lemonade, coffee). As always, if someone offers to bring any of those items, let them!

The day of the event you will need to set-up an area for the chili to be placed and have a jar or can in front of each chili location for people to place their money in as they vote. Make sure that you have plenty of powerstrips available because many people will show up with crock pots, slow cookers, or hot plates. You will also need to set up a display for the desserts. You can do a silent auction until half-time and/or live auction at half-time.

You will also want to have a place to watch the game. If you have comfy furniture at the church, use it (make sure that your workers don’t take over the couches and chairs, though). You might want a separate T.V. near the eating area so that people can sit at a table and eat chili while cheering for their team.

We have done this with a medium size congregation and cleared at least $500 – not bad for a Sunday afternoon!