Spiritual War/Waterfare

This game involves water; thus the Outdoor Category. It actually begins inside with the Youth bringing their bibles. Tell the young people that there will be a SPECIAL surprise for those that do and don’t bring their bibles the next week. Have various sizes of water guns (super soakers, mid size, and itty bitty water guns) The first youth in the room with a bible gets their pick (as long as it’s a complete bible–not just new testament–they can’t get the largest gun) so on and so forth. Those that come in late may not even get a gun (give them an eye dropper) Then after your lesson (which could be on Spiritual Warfare and the importance of the Word) you have war. Let the War be a cliffhanger. This could happen any Youth day, so you better be prepared and watch them set for an effort to bring their bibles and be on time (even early for the super soaker) It’s lots of fun and makes ’em think, too. God Bless You All!!