Speed Ball

You will need three Nerf balls, masking tape, and a large open space. Place a Nerf ball in the middle of each side of the room. Place the ball on a small stand, so that it doesn’t roll away. We usually use a roll of masking tape, setting the ball on it. Outline a substantial crease around these balls.
Divide kids into two teams, each team selecting a goalie to protect the team’s Nerf ball from being knocked off the stand. Only the goalie is allowed in the crease. At the beginning of play, the two teams run toward the middle of the room – each trying to get a hold of another Nerf ball. Whoever gets a hold of the ball can advance it two steps, before passing it to a team member. The object is to work the ball toward the opposing team’s goal, take a shot, and knock their ball off its stand OR cause their goalie to knock it off.
The ball cannot be stripped off a player. It can only be intercepted, or recovered – as a loose ball – after a bad pass. No physical contact between players is allowed. We do not allow goalies to touch the ball they are protecting, nor rest on both knees. This is an unfair advantage.