Soap Shrink

Good for any group size. Divide your group into any number of teams. Give each team a large, new bar of soap. Provide one or more kiddy pools filled with water — enough pools so that one person from each team has access to one. (**I used water buckets — one for each team**)
On “GO” have teams race to shrink their bars of soap without breaking them. Team members will need to take turns furiously “washing their hands” to shrink the soap. If a bar of soap breaks, it’s disqualified. (**I allowed them to start over with a new bar of soap and try to catch up**) Call time after five minutes. The team with the smallest bar of soap wins. (**This worked as an indoor game pretty well — although a little messy. But the clean-up was easy and fun with mops**)
Award hotel-size bars of soap to winning team members.
Take this a step further and add a brief study of Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God” or other “cleansing” verses.