Sin Is Like Toilet Paper

(Overcoming Sin)

PREPARATION: Plan to divide your group up into small groups of no more than six. Get four rolls of toilet paper for each group.

Divide everyone into their appropriate groups, and have each group elect who they consider to be the strongest person in their group. Then, give four rolls of toilet paper to each group and let them wrap their strong man/woman completely. The goal is to wrap the strong person so tightly that he/she cannot get free.

After everyone has finished, let each group guide their strong person around the room to do simple tasks: pick up a pencil, shake hands with someone else, etc. Then time each strong person and see how long it takes him/her to become completely free from all toilet paper.

The point is, sin is like toilet paper. It can bind us up and keep us from effectively doing what God has called us to do. We are wrapped up in death, just as Jesus was wrapped in his grave clothes. However, if we trust in Jesus and become dead to sin and alive to God, we can be set free to do God’s will. We can break out of sin, just as Jesus broke out of His grave clothes and lived a new, better life.