Sin and Christ’s Forgiveness

This helps kids to see what sin does to lost people’s lives and what sin does to Christians. This requires one tall clear plastic bottle, one empty film canister, one pack of grape Kool-aid, one cup of Ultra-Clorox.
Take the film canister and put the Kool-aid in there. Put the Clorox in a seperate bottle. Take the tall clear plastic bottle and fill it with enough water so that you have plenty of room to pour the cup of clorox into it.
Now, you show the tall bottle with the water in it to the kids. You tell them that this was what man was like when he was created, or this is what our lives are like in Christ. (Both implications) You take the Kool-aid in the film canister and slowly pour it into the Bottle. Tell them that this is what happens when sin enters our lives as Christians, it darkens us and we can’t listen to God. Or this is what happened when sin entered the world. We are darkened and we become hardened toward the Gospel, and full of sin and need forgiveness and cleansing. Then, you get the Clorox and state that this is Christ’s blood shed on the cross, this represents Christ’s forgiveness and then you slowly pour it into the bottle. Slowly it will clear the blackness up and it will become semi-clear again. It will have a small yellow tint because of the clorox, but I use this to represent the scars that we incure on our heart when we fool around with sin. Sin can be forgiven in Christ, but it is still not without earthly consequences. It hurts. Hope that this helps you all.