Rabbit, Cow, Elephant

Form a circle with a person in the center. The person will point to someone on the circle and say “Rabbit” (or cow, or elephant.) The person pointed to must form the front paws of the rabbit and the persons on both sides must hold up an arm to be the rabbit ears. The goal is for the person in the center to tag one of the three people before they can form the “Rabbit”. If “Cow” is called, then the person pointed to must form the udders with their fingers and the other two must form the horns. An “elephant” is the chosen person being the trunk and the two outside people must form the LARGE ears.
It has also been played where a “Flight Attendant” is one of the choices. The person in the middle pulls down the oxygen mask and the people on either side, point to the exits.
Lots of fun and always good for laughs.