Puzzle Mania

All you need are two 24 piece puzzles which I found at Walmart and 20 small slips of paper. Before the students arrive to your ususal meeting area, you need to walk around and find clever places to hide 20 puzzle pieces (10 from each box). You’ll then write clues as to the location of the puzzle pieces on the slips of paper. Next, divide your group into two teams giving each team their puzzle box with clues to the location of their 10 missing pieces. Make sure you keep each teams puzzle pieces and clues seperated the entire time. Both teams must hurry to find their own pieces of the puzzle so that they can complete their puzzle. The first team to finish their puzzle wins!

You will need to buy two small puzzles. Two 20 piece puzzles will do. You can find some funny ones at Walmart. You will divide your group into two teams. You will then hide one entire puzzle for group one with clues to each puzzle piece. You will then do the same for group two. Just make sure that you keep the clues and piece seperated for each team. You will then give each team their clues and give the signal to begin! The first team to find all their pieces and put their puzzle together wins! This game has gone over well everytime we’ve done it!