Prayer Chain and Praise Basket

In teaching the Youth about Prayer, we created a “prayer chain” using boxes of the jumbo paper clips linked together. We have an 8 foot cross that is stored in the Youth room for Easter, so I utilized that, and the teens draped the chain around the cross. I then asked then to take index cards and write their prayer requests on the cards, and put the cards on the chain. At the end of our lesson, our small youth group of 12 had almost 100 prayer requests draped on the cross. Next to the cross I placed a basket. We call this our Praise Basket. As the kids see their prayers answered, the write the answer on the back and place it in the Praise Basket. Each Wednesday night they can’t wait to look at the prayer requests and watch them move to the Praise Basket. The most exciting aspect of this lesson was to watch the teens realize they indeed have many things to pray for.