Permission To Cheat


A senior named Kevin at Texas Tech University was closing in on his graduation. One class, however, brought fear into his heart — LOGIC. He took the course only because it was required, and to his dismay he soon learned there would only be one test during the entire semester — a final exam. The grade on that test would determine the grade in the class. Kevin never skipped class, took copious notes, and listened to the professor’s every word. Nevertheless, as the day for the final approached, his fears grew. Finally, on the day before the final, the professor stated clearly, “Tomorrow you may bring with you one sheet of paper. You may put anything on that paper that you think will help you on the test. In other words, you have my permission to cheat.” The students scattered and began writing very tiny notes on both sides of the paper, but Kevin went to sleep peacefully. The following day, as students filed in to take the test, they began comparing what each of them had written on their cheat sheets. To their amazement, however, Kevin had written nothing. When the bell sounded, the tests were passed out, and the professor told them to begin, Kevin placed his piece of paper quietly on the floor. The door to the classroom opened, and the professor’s grader, a Ph.D. student, walked in and Kevin had him stand on his paper. Since the Ph.D. student was “on the paper,” he provided Kevin with all of the answers to the test.

No matter how hard you work and how much you try, you will never do enough to get into heaven. Many people spend much of their life making a list of things that they think will get them in to heaven. But all we really need to do is put our petty little lists down on the floor, because then we can ask Jesus to stand by our side and give us everything we need to pass the test of life and enter safely into heaven without fear of failing.