Perfect Pair

Good for discussion of the family and a way to discover the values of the kids in the group. Tell the kids they are to find the world’s most perfect couple. Divide them into small groups and have them describe the couple.
Things to consider:
1.) The couple themselves (background, age education, religious affiliation, race, political views)
2.) Their lifestyle (jobs, hobbies, sex life, leisure time, entertainment, habits, friends and associations)
3.) Their possessions (money, furniture, house and neighbourhood, books, appliances, recreational needs, cars)
4.) Philosophy on child rearing (discipline, education, manners, dress, independence)
These are only suggestions, give them 20-30 mins. Make lists on chalkboard and compare. Discuss and bring up prejudices and how they relate to scripture. How does God describe His perfect family? What matters and what doesn’t?