Parent-Teenager Covenant

Plan a parent-teen meeting on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Contact a local counselling centre. Ask for them to provide a guest speaker and resources for the meeting. First meet with parents and teens together and listen to the speaker. Then separate the youth and the parents. Each group gets a sheet of paper and pencil. Have each group write a covenant that covers two areas:
1.) What is considered a bad choice (i.e.: riding in car driven by drunk friend)
2.) What consequences should occur if a teen makes a bad choice (i.e.: not allowed to see friend for 1 month)
Gather parents and kids, compare the 2 versions and reach a compromise. Make copies of the covenant and give one to each family. Have all family members sign their covenant as a symbol of making responsible choices concerning alcohol and drugs. Then have a Teen-Parent Covenant, complete with consequences if a parent used alcohol or drugs.