Oven Mitt Game

You must first prepare the present for this game. Choose either somthing silly (a big rock), or something serious (a devotional book that would be enjoyed), and wrap it in several layers of material that will be hard to remove. The object is to make it almost impossible to open, so anything is allowed – tape, cardboard, plastic, newspaper, string, anything. Have the kids sit around a table, and begin to pass around a pair of dice. The first person to roll double numbers grabs the oven mitts that are in the middle of the table, puts them on, and begins to try to unwrap the present. The dice continue to go around the table until someone else rolls a double, and the mitts are passed to them, and so on. The game needs to be fast and competitive, and when it is, it becomes hilarious and a lot of fun! And, of course, the person to successfully get the last layer off of the present wins it!