Not One Forgotten

Using a punching bag, have a couple of people come and react to it. Have a couple of people come and release stress.

The punching bag symbolizes the love of Jesus. It is never ending, no matter what we do He will always love us.


A family moved to a different city and the mom was worried because her son had not made any friends at school. Every day he would come home from school all by himself while the other children walked in crowds. Sometimes they would tease him at the playground or even at school.
Valentine’s Day was coming and the mom really did not want her son to go to school that day because she was trying to protect his feelings. But her son decided to make cards for all 27 students in his class. So they got all the decorations and made the cards. On that day the mom made cookies and waited for him to come home. She knew that he was going to be disappointed. At around the time that he was supposed to come home she went to the front porch to wait for him. Down the road she saw him running with a big smile on his face in front of all the children. Surely, she thought, he must have received valentines. He ran into the house and kept saying,”Mom, not one”, “Not,one mom”, over and over while he put his back pack down, and took his coat off. His mom anxiously asked him, thinking that he had not received any cards but also wondering why he was so happy. He repeated “Mom, not one, I did not forget not even one student” That is what Jesus said when he shed His blood on the cross of Calvary. “Not one, not one did I forget to forgive at the cost of my blood”.