Name Game

This is a variation on the Animalz! game you can find in the Indoor Games section. Early on in the year when we have a lot of new kids who don’t know each other, we will play this game to help everyone learn each others names.

We prefer a balled up tube sock at the end of another tube sock. All of the kids “line up” in a circle. There is one person who is ‘it” in the center of the circle. Choose a person to lead off. They must say their own name, and then the name of another person in the circle. The person in the center must attempt to tag the second named person before they can say their own name and another name. If the person in the center ever succeeds in tagging the speaker, they trade places.

Once the group starts to get the hang of it, occassionally say one name, but point at a different person.

Small Group Icebreaker Game –
A classic – everyone writes a word/name on a piece of paper, folds it and drops it in a hat. One person takes all those names and then reads them through three times (in a different order to be fair.) He/she selects one person to begin. They ask, “Fred, are you ‘frying pan’?” Fred isn’t, so he then asks, “Jill, are you ‘Tiny Tim'” And she is, so she becomes Fred’s assistant (sits at his feet) and helps him try to accumulate the whole group. You guess again if you are right. If you capture someone with slaves/assistants, you acquire the slaves as well. Good for group meetings under 20 large, but larger than 6 or so.