Name Game Toss

The point of this game is to learn the name of everyone in your circle. Good for the begining of the year

Materials: Any collection of soft balls, beanie babies, rolled up socks, or any other item that can be tossed with relative safety.

Get the group in a circle of 8-12 people. Depending on the size of your group you may need to make several circles.

You probably need to demo this with one group who is familiar with the rules. Start slow till everyone gets the hang of it.

Each group starts with one item to toss. The item is tossed from one member of the group to another until everyone has had the item only once. When you toss it to a person you say their name. You then toss it to the person who started the pattern and you keep repeating the Pattern over and over again. So that you should always be throwing it to the same person and catching from the same person everytime the item goes around the circle. With one item this is pretty easy. Once they get the hang of it add another item to the circle, and other, you can try to keep adding items and see which team can keep from dropping the ball with the most balls in the air.

I also like asking the groups to sit down when we stop play and see if any one in the group can name everyone in their circle.