Musical Chairs Variation

Another version of the Musical Chairs game is to put out a chair after every round, but still all players can continue. It’s great fun when 20 people have to share one chair at the end.

Musical chairs is a great game, the only problem is what to do with all the kids that get out right away. The solution: don’t have anybody get out. We pitted the girls against the guys. You will need only six chairs and a really large dice,(we used a large square box). Place the chairs real far apart facing the center of the room and mark them 1 thru 6. Have all the kids place their hands on one another’s shoulders and begin going around in a circle as the music plays. When the music stops everybody runs for a chair. The first person to a chair sits down and every person following sits on the preceeding person’s lap. Now, the dice comes into play. Someone rolls the dice and what ever number comes up is is the only chair that wins points. The points are given the following way. Each gender is given a point for every person of that gender sitting on the chair. The first person on the chair gives their gender double the points. (3 boys and 3 girls are sitting on a chair. the first person on the chair is a girl. points would be boys 3 and girls 6)
Music starts again and everybody gets up forms the circle and play begins anew. We played first team to reach 50 points.