This is a great indoor/outdoor game. Divide into two equal teams. Divide a play area into two equal courts. Medic works a lot like dodge ball only with a few twists. Each team chooses someone to be their medic. The teams must stay on their own side of the court. Once a player is hit he/she must sit down where they were hit. The Medic then has to rescue that person by pulling them to the back of the court. Once at the back of the court the player is back in the game. The object is to hit the other team’s medic to win.

Details on the rules
1. If a player catches a ball thrown at them, the one who threw the ball must sit.
2. If a ball bounces off a player and is caught before it hits the ground, the one who threw the ball must sit.
3. You may use a ball in hand to block with, but if the ball is knocked loose and hits the ground the player must sit.

* those who are sitting CANNOT throw or catch for their team until the medic has rescued them.

*use Nerf balls or you will need an actual medic present.
Have Fun!