Similar to “Amazing Mobsters” except include one Judge, one Sheriff, and one Doctor in with the Townspeople and the Mafia/Mobsters.

The role of Judge is to give the commands to the group (ie: “Town go to sleep”, “Town wake up”, “Sheriff who do you want to know about”, “Doctor, who do you want to save?”, etc..)

The Sheriff’s role is to figure out who is the Mafia and who are the Townspeople. This person points to anyone in the group (while the town is asleep) to find out where that person’s loyalty falls. The judge nods their head yes or no.

The role of the Doctor is to save people that they think the Mafia is going to assasinate. After the Mafia choose someone to kill, the Judge asks the Sheriff who s/he wants to know about, then asks the Doctor who s/he wants to save. The Doctor points to the person they want to save and the Judge tells the Doctor to fall asleep. Depending on if the Doctor saved the right person, there would be a murder or an attempted murder.
This is a fabulous game to play with teenagers and adults. It sounds really complicated, but you’d be surprised how quickly the kids catch on! (Sometimes even quicker than the adults!)