Mad Dash

Designate four corners in your room or playing field as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Assign each person in your group a number between one and four and send them to their designated corners. Place a judge at each corner as well. Explain that when you say, “Mad Dash!”, each person must travel to the their opposite corner (i.e., Corner 1 goes to Corner 3 and Corner 2 goes to Corner 4). Obviously when the four groups meet in the middle there will be chaos. Before you say, “Mad Dash!”, you will also be announcing the method of travel. For instance, you could explain that everyone must run backward to their corners, or crabwalk, or hop on one foot. The last person to each corner is eliminated from play by the judges. Other suggested methods of travel: on hands and knees (carpeted floors only), holding a partner’s hand, running with elbows and knees touching, etc.