M&M Relay – Variation

This is a take on the M&M relay race that we did with our youth.

Split the youth into teams of 5 or 6. For every team give them a 1lb bag of M&M’s. When you say ‘go’ the teams must open the bag of M&M’s and divide them into separate colors. Once the colors are separated, then the team must eat all of the M&M’s. The first team to eat all of the M&M’s wins.

I never thought I’d see six pounds of M&M’s disappear so fast. This is a great game and tons of fun to watch.

Divide the M&M’s by color and put an equal number of each color in each teams bowl. Then specify the order in which the M&M’s must be eaten. Players line 15-20 feet from the bowls and take turns running down to eat one M&M at a time.
For some added fun, don’t worry about equal numbers of each color, you can even make it very different, so it looks like one teams is way ahead (because they have 5 fewer red M&M’s). Just make sure the total numbers are the same.