Kaos And Control

This game involves simple equipment and lots of open space, like a park or an oval. Australian Rules football ovals have proven to be the best. An overview of the game is as follows. There are two teams, one called Kaos, and the other Control (as in ‘Get Smart’). One team (team A) is equipped with one leg of a pair of stockings, that has a small amount of flour in the end. The other team(team B) does not have these. Divide the oval in to two halves for each team. Team A has control of one of the halves, and B the other. The object of the game is for the members of team B to run through the members of Team A without getting hit by the stockings full of flour to a checkpoint or base at the other end. If they are hit, then they are taken prisoner by the other team. Both sides have a chance to run through the other side, and the winner is the team that gets the most people to the checkpoint. This game does require some old clothes and can be run with a large group of teenagers at a youth group, school or camp. I don’t know if this game has any biblical basis, but is definitely a lot of fun for all.