Human Wrestling

There can be any number of boys and girls on a team. The team on offense begins on the 20-yard line. They get 4 downs to score a touchdown. There are no additional 1st downs. The yardage is made as the ball is hiked to the QB who is then picked up and carried by the rest of the team down the field. The entire team must be joined together, either by carrying the QB or holding onto team members while carrying the QB. The defense begins each play lined up on their 1-yard line. When the ball is hiked, the defense locks arms and moves down field, when the 2 teams meet, they try to dislodge one of the offensive players from the rest of the team. When this is accomplished, the play is over, and the next down begins. If no TD is scored, the defense goes offensive and starts on their 20-yard line. Both teams must walk while the ball is in play and if the defense breaks its chain, they must reunite before proceeding down field.