Human Pretzel

You need at least six people but works great if you have more (like 10-15). Have everyone huddle close in a circle, putting both their arms into the middle. Tell everyone to grab someone else’s hands, but not the person to their left or right, and not both hands to the same person. Once everyone has a hand you try to un-tangle yourselves. You must continue to hold hands at all times. It works best if you elect one person to be the leader in the group so you have one person talking at a time in order to guide people through each other to un-tangle (some people may have to be lifted or step over people to un-tangle, but they should never stop holding hands. Eventually they’ll form a large circle of everyone holding hands. They will probably all be facing different ways. Depending on the amount of people, this could take from about 3 to 10 minutes. I’ve never tried it with more than 15, so I don’t know how long it would take to un-tangle. Depending upon
how tangled they are, it should take 3-10 minutes to un-tangle. Of course the larger the huddle, the longer it takes.