Human Foosball – Variation

I like the Idea of Human Foosball except, the kids get dizzy blowing on the ping-pong ball so I tried having them play in the taped off regions, only kicking a soccer ball instead, like real Foosball.

We tried this variation and the Junior Highs loved it. You will need 10 or 12 eight foot folding tables and four 10 foot lengths and two 5 foot lengths of 2″ PVC pipe. Place the tables on their sides and place 3 or 4 on each side end to end. Perpendicular to the sides place 2 tables on their sides with a five foot gap in the center (the goal). You should now have a rectangular enclosure that will be your Foosball table. Mark the floor with masking tape inside the enclosure with boundry lines for each line of players. Each line of players must hold on to the length of PVC pipe making them move in unison and stay within their boundry lines. The number of players on each line was the same as a regular Foosball game. We had the kids take off their shoes and we used a foam soccer ball.

Mark out a spot on the floor for each player to stand. They must keep one foot on that spot while playing. Instead of using a ball, use an AOL Internet CD that you get in the mail. They slide really well across commercial-type carpeting. The rest is played just like the other descriptions.

I like the idea of the Human Foosball with a soccer ball or a nerf ball. We made lines with tape and required for players only to move from side to side. Here is the kicker. We used three 20″ beach balls at the same time. The neat thing is that you can nail someone hard with one of the balls and it is extremly loud but just doesn’t hurt. My advice is to go ahead and order some extra beach balls. We kill one about every 30 minutes.

Make lines of 5 or more people (all lines the same length). Have the lines sit back to back with their feet against those from another line. All the students facing one direction are on the same team. At the end of the rows make goals/use the wall. Use a beachball for the foosball. In a smaller room you can use the walls as boundaries or have other leaders there to put the ball back in the game. It was a favorite for high school and middle school.