Horse and Rider

To begin you have the youth choose a partner (of similar size is good). The partners then mingle in a fairly large area. While they mingle a caller will shout out one or several, as the game becomes more difficult, of 5 commmands.

The commands are:
“Horse” -a youth sits on the back of the other who is on hands and knees (like a horse)
“Rider” -a partner gets on one knee and the other partner sits the knee that is up
“Knight”-one partner jumps in the arms of the other (or holds up one leg if this is too much)
“Bang”-all fall to the ground
“Freeze”-all freeze in whatever position they are in.

The point is to be the fastest to get and remain in this position without moving for 10 seconds. The slowest or the ones who move are out. At the end the final two partners go to opposite walls and (touching the wall to begin with) the caller yells out one or several commands. The partners have to meet in the middle and do the command correctly and freeze for 10 seconds. Whoever does this the fastest wins.