Holiday Babysitting

Each holiday season the senior high youth group gets together at the church to sponsor babysitting. This serves many purposes. The youth have a structured environment on a Saturday night, the adults of the church get babysitting at a bargain price and the kids get together for a family-type outing on a special night of the week! The youth charge $5 per child ($3 additional children in family) and the parents get 3 hours of quality babysitting. The youth divide the children into age groups and have puppet shows, watch Veggie Tale movies, tell Bible stories and have snacks and arts and crafts. The money raised is used for a youth mission trip the group takes each spring. The younger youth (junior highs) assist by taking care of the incidentals: bathroom trips, napkin or drink trips, and clean-up. They also get to be with the senior highs (a rarity!) and be involved on a grander scale than usual. They also get also get invaluable experience! The seniors are thinking of doing it again in the summer to help finance a fall retreat they want to duplicate at their own church!