Guidelines For Your Testimony

*** This can be printed up and given directly to the teens giving their testimony.

Thank you for being willing to share your testimony on Sunday. One of the most powerful ways to convey God’s power is to tell how he has been working in our lives. As a result, I want to make sure that our personal testimonies are well thought out and well organized. Below you will find some general guidelines for presenting your testimony. Please stay as close to them as possible. We all are looking forward to hearing of the many ways that God has been working in your life.


1. I realize that many of us know each other, but humor me and introduce who are and give your name, age, grade, school, how long you have been a Christian, etc. (Don’t assume people know fully who you are; take your time and get us all on board). It will give you time to get comfortable as well as prepare the rest of us. Choose from one of the following sets of questions for building your personal testimony:

– What was your life like before you became a Christian?How did God begin to get your attention?
– What were some of the struggles you faced in putting your faith in Christ?
– What have you struggled with since becoming a Christian and how has God brought you through this?
– What was the defining moment that caused you to become a Christian?
– How has your life changed because of this?

Describe the process of your growing in your relationship with Jesus:

– How did he draw you to Him? What key person or persons has God used in your life?
– What were some of the struggles/trials you faced growing up?
– Did you ever experience doubt and how did you handle this doubt?
– How did God show Himself faithful in your life?

2. What are one or two things that God has been doing in your life in the past year. Examples, God has given me the desire for… God has convicted me of… God has shown me the joy in… God has turned my world upside down by…

3. As a result of God doing this in my life, I am different in these ways…