Generation Gap Hunt

In a effort to close or bridge the generation gap that exists at our church, we have a scavenger hunt that encourages the youth and adults to interact with one another.

I ask twenty-five adults to share one interesting fact about themselves. We have heard all types of things: someone struck by lighting, someone who was in a television commercial, someone who traveled to Florida to see the space shuttle launch. I then compile a list of these facts. Once the youth discovers the person who told me about themselves, the person signs next to their fact.

We announce the scavenger hunt to the congregation so everyone will understand what is going on. The youth must approach the adults and say, “Hello, my name is _______. One intersting fact about myself is…” and tell them something about themselves. “Would you share an interesting fact about yourself with me?” The adult then signs the list next to their interesting fact.

We usually allow two Sundays for this event. On the third Sunday, I post the winners and the names of the adults and their facts in the Sunday bulletin.